Monika Pleyer Lee

Monika Pleyer Lee has more than 30 years experience as a litigator.  Her know how and analytical skills enable her to resolve disputes early and efficiently.  At Lee Law, her focus has been on commercial disputes, insurance recovery and counseling, intellectual property, and land rights and regulatory matters.  She has successfully represented clients in state and federal courts and in arbitration proceedings and provided advice on dispute resolution strategies and insurance issues to corporate clients.

Prior to joining Lee Law in 2008, Ms. Lee was a member of the commercial litigation and insurance recovery groups at Heller Ehrman LLP, where she served as first or co-chair in more than 15 complex, multi-party litigation cases, several of which involved claims in excess of $100 million.  During that time, Ms. Lee gained extensive pretrial and trial experience in commercial tort and contract disputes, troubled construction loans and related insurance/bond issues and completion guarantees, products liability, real estate, trademark and trade secret cases and trust disputes.

Ms. Lee received her law degree from UCLA Law School in 1984.  She also holds a B.A. and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Kansas, where she also taught economics before becoming a lawyer.

Ms. Lee was born in Frankfurt, Germany and is a native speaker of German.



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